Individuals Across Sciences: a revisionary metaphysics?
18-20 May 2012 Paris (France)


Program committee:
Daniel Andler (Paris-Sorbonne University & IUF, France)

Alexander Bird (Bristol University, UK)

Mauro Dorato (Roma 3 University, Italy)
John Dupré (Egenis, Univ. of Exeter, UK)
Jean Gayon (Panthéon-Sorbonne University, IHPST & IUF, France) (head of committee)

Max Kistler (Panthéon-Sorbonne University, France)

Tim Lewens (University of Cambridge, UK)

Jean-Baptiste Rauzy (Paris-Sorbonne University, France)

Claudine Tiercelin (Collège de France, France)

The PC will review the abstracts and select the most promising ones.

Organizing committee:
Alexandra Arapinis (IHPST, France)
Isabelle Drouet (Paris-Sorbonne University, France)
Alexandre Guay (University of Burgundy, France, researcher at IHPST in 2011-2012, and associated researcher at the CIRST, Canada)
Pascal Ludwig (Paris-Sorbonne University, France)
Thomas Pradeu (Paris-Sorbonne University, IHPST & IUF, France) (head of committee)
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